Montag, 3. März 2008

One Man Gang - Tryin' to get over

1993 Maryland

i was shocked, this tape only release got nuthin to do with eastcoast style.its str8 mid 90s Midwest OG GANGSTA shit to the fullest.that track "tryin to get over" is nuthin but pure laidback pimpshit with eva cassidy for adding sum excellent soul singin to it.This Dude is truly a One Man Gang with his sick flows and directly gets an UNDAGROUND CLASSIC !!!!!

ripped with a tape player which is older than me lol. i'll defintily have to re-ripp it

Donnerstag, 14. Februar 2008

Latin Riders Vol.1

1998 Las Vegas

This shit is nuthin but that smooth laidback G-funk. Las Vegas got alot of bangin undaground Bombs , This is one of em !!! super rare shit which only had a small local pressing !

Low & Cold - No False Move \ Aint No Love

1995 New Orleans

I dont like alot of New Orleans Tapes but this one is seriously sum deep Gangsta type of shit!it never dropped with a J-Card.